Don’t Judge a Movie by its Trailer

20140315-movie_review_sites The Lego Movie didn’t appeal to me after watching its trailer. Feedback from guy friends gave it a two thumbs up, but a friend in her mid-60s suggested The Lego Movie was catered to children, not adults. From the mixed reviews and (in my opinion) unappealing trailer, I was not convinced at watching The Lego Movie and spending money on cinema tickets. It was only until I heard about The Lego Movie‘s 96% tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes was I then enchanted to watch The Lego Movie in theatres.

The Lego Movie turned out to be a fun Friday night movie filled with humour, action, adventure and nostalgia. Movie review sites are a good thing.

Movie review sites:
  •   IMDb
  •   Metacritic
  •   Roger Ebert
  •   Rotten Tomatoes
  •   Wonderful Cinema – fellow blogger who reviews newly released to classic films

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