Nestle Coffee Crisp: Seeking the Elusive Chocolate Bar in Silicon Valley

coffee-crisp-chocolate-bar-01 Friends visiting from Canada gifted us with an abundance of Coffee Crisp candy bars. It was fantastic! I had an Ebenezer Scooge moment – counting my Coffee Crisp candy bars and rationing them.

Coffee Crisp is a chocolate bar made by Nestle Canada in Canada. It is a crispy mild coffee vanilla flavoured wafer cookie that is lightly coated in milk chocolate. Oh so delicious!

Before being showered with Coffee Crisp chocolate bars, I didn’t realize how much I missed Coffee Crisp, and how difficult it is to come by these chocolate bars in the United States. There are articles and blogs dedicated to Coffee Crisp sightings in the States. Its fierce fan base in the States finally prompted Nestle U.S.A. to approve its distribution in the States in 2006.


While Coffee Crisp is a household chocolate bar in Canada, where it is widely available in candy aisles, checkout counters, commonly found in Halloween trick-or-treat bags and are generally available at $1 CAD a piece, these candy bars are rather obscure in America.

Coffee Crisp sightings in Silicon Valley:
  •   Amazon ($2+ USD each) – available online only
  •   Cost Plus World Market (6 for $12 USD) – available in-store and online
  •   Ebay ($1.50+ USD each) – available online only

“Chocolate never asks silly questions. Chocolate understands.”

— — —
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2 responses to “Nestle Coffee Crisp: Seeking the Elusive Chocolate Bar in Silicon Valley

  1. They are so delicious! Did you know you can now buy All Dressed potato chips here? I just found them at Target in San Jose!

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