Furniture Shopping: Making Home, HOME

20151101-furniture-shopping Every move marks new beginnings. New memories in your new home. New neighbourhood surroundings. New neighbour introductions. And, almost always, new furniture. New pieces to fit that tricky spot in your home – you know the one ;). New furnishings and fixtures to decorate the walls and make your new home, HOME.

Here are some home furnishing stores where I’ve had luck finding the perfect piece:
Canada Silicon Valley (U.S.A.)
  •   The Brick
  •   BoConcept
  •   Crate and Barrel
  •   EQ3
  •   IKEA
  •   Pottery Barn
  •   Restoration Hardware
  •   West Elm
  •   BoConcept
  •   The Container Store
  •   Cost Plus World Market
  •   Crate and Barrel
  •   EQ3
  •   IKEA
  •   Macy’s
  •   Pottery Barn
  •   Restoration Hardware
  •   Scandinavian Designs
  •   West Elm
If you live in the suburbs (e.g. Greater Vancouver Area, San Francisco Bay Area) and are looking for space-efficient or condo-sized furniture, head into Vancouver downtown/San Francisco for furniture shopping. You’ll find many more condo/custom-made furniture shops in the city than in the suburbs.

Because many professionals from abroad move to Silicon Valley for career opportunities, temporary corporate housing is often arranged at the start of their employment, so they have a chance to familiarize with their surroundings and find permanent housing for themselves. Temporary corporate housing is setup with furniture rentals – a rented bed, rented dining table, rented TV. Silicon Valley has many furniture rental stores like CORT. At some point, these rental pieces are available for purchase at discounted prices. I haven’t tried either of these services myself, but a friend had good experiences. This may be another furniture option, especially if your stay is short-term.

May your home know joy. Every room hold laughter.
Every window open to great possibilities.
— Unknown

— — —
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