Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

I love the outdoors, but seeing bugs elsewhere makes me squirm. South Bay in March, April and May have spring in bloom from its budding flowers, melodious birds, buzzing bees, speedy hummingbirds and various insects roaming around. Unfortunately some of these insects make their way into the home >_< We’ve seen small moths, flies, tiny to quarter-sized spiders, and others.

By comparison, the insects in South Bay are more numerous and larger than the ones in Canada. But the insects are also slower. The ones that have gotten lost our home have been easily caught with just a moist paper towel. In Canada, however, there were only a handful of instances a year where an insect made its way into the city home. Smaller, but faster critters though.

Check out the size of the wasp below! Photo was taken in Sunnyvale, CA.

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