Let’s go for coffee!


Although Starbucks is our “go to” place for a caffeine fix, we like exploring boutique coffee roasters and retailers. A few of our favourites include:



For Chinese-style tea and coffee houses, enjoy more than just a bubble tea like a Hong Kong-style milk tea or a Taiwanese-style honey milk tea:

  • Happy Date Restaurant in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Cattle Cafe and The One in the Greater Vancouver Area, British Columbia, Canada
  • Cafe LaTTea in Cupertino, California, USA

Not just coffee and tea: Some of the above coffee/tea shops have good eats too!

  • Caffe Artigiano – The roasted lamb sandwich panini makes for a good lunch.
  • Happy Date Restaurant – They make one of the best Hong Kong-style teas and coffees. The baked spaghetti and meat sauce is also very delicious. For a cool treat, enjoy an iced red bean drink. If you want an added twist, get a scoop of ice cream in the iced red bean drink. So good!
  • Cattle Cafe – The “choose your own toppings” noodle soups are popular.
  • Cafe LaTTea – Split a honey toast with friends. This is really a 4 inch tall square cake dessert.

To good eats and good company!

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