Electronics Paradise

electronics_store We all love shopping. For the guys, simply hearing the word “electronics” or “Best Buy” evokes the same smile and twinkle in the eye as the words “clothes, shoes and handbags” do for women. In the United States, the word – rather, the name “Fry’s” should be added to this list of electronics keywords.

Fry’s Electronics is a big-box consumer electronics retailer (headquartered in Silicon Valley) with 34 stores in nine American states. The selection and variety of products sold at Fry’s is enormous and, at times, seemingly endless to browse. For instance, Best Buy (USA) had a choice of 5 different electric hair clippers, but the shelves at Fry’s had no less than 15-20 options. At Fry’s, you’ll find electronic products of varied interests from computer software and hardware parts, air purifiers, electronic kids’ toys, circuit breadboards, home entertainment systems to music CDs, movie DVDs/Blu-rays, hair clippers and blow dryers.

If you’ve explored the endless array of electronics at Yodobashi Akiba in Tokyo, Japan or Wan Chai Computer Centre and Mongkok Conputer Centre in Hong Kong, then Fry’s is your American equivalent. In Canada, however, Best Buy (Canada), Future Shop and London Drugs continue to be the largest electronics retailers.

To getting lost on an electronics paradise island.

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