Silicon Valley on Screen

silicon-valley-movies After the financial crisis of 2008, Hollywood was adorned with Wall Street movies. Recently, the limelight is being cast on Silicon Valley.

Movies and TV series about Silicon Valley startups and companies give an entertaining glimpse into life at a startup or Silicon Valley tech giant.

Company Movie
Apple Pirates of Silicon Valley [1999]
Jobs [2013]
Steve Jobs: Man In The Machine [2015]
Facebook The Social Network [2010]
Google The Internship [2013]
Fun Fact: Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla and SpaceX) and Larry Ellison (CEO of Oracle) both had cameos in Iron Man 2 [2010] [1].
TV Series
  •   Amazon TV series: Betas [started 2013]
  •   Bravo TV series: Startups: Silicon Valley [started 2012]
  •   CBS TV series: Big Bang Theory [started 2007]
  •   HBO TV series: Silicon Valley [started 2014]

My favorites are HBO’s tv series Silicon Valley, Pirates of Silicon Valley [1999], The Social Network [2010] and Jobs [2013].

“The people who built Silicon Valley were engineers. They learned business, they learned a lot of different things, but they had a real belief that humans, if they worked hard with other creative, smart people, could solve most of humankind’s problems.”
                                                                                    — Steve Jobs

— — —
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