All Day Breakfast At McDonald’s

mcdonalds-big-breakfast-pancakes I confess: McDonald’s breakfast is my junk food weakness. More specifically, their Egg McMuffin with a side hash brown. Their hash brown with ketchup to dip is a must for me.

McDonald’s just announced breakfast all day at all U.S. locations. No more weekends of rushing out the door, arriving at 10:32 am and being disappointed at having to order from the burger menu when arriving just 2 minutes shy of the breakfast hour cutoff time. The breakfast menu will now be available all day in the States!

Our Canadian neighbors won’t get the luxury of sleeping in and grabbing McDonald’s breakfast any time soon though. The 10:30 am breakfast time is still in effect across Canadian locations, and McDonald’s Canada hasn’t announced plans to implement the all day breakfast times in Canada.

Americans also get an extra treat compared to Canadians in their McDonald’s Big Breakfast meal. In Canada, the Big Breakfast comes with an English muffin, savoury griddle sausage, scrambled eggs and a hash brown. However, in the States, a Big Breakfast can be ordered with a side of two hotcakes/pancakes. The regular Big Breakfast is on the menu, but a side of pancakes can be added.

Hawaii’s McDonald’s Big Breakfast is entirely different. It is jazzed up with two slices of Spam instead of a grilled sausage patty, and white rice instead of toasted English muffin slices.

Have fun discovering different McDonald’s menus in your worldly travels!
Make breakfast an anytime meal!

“I went into a McDonald’s yesterday and said, ‘I’d like some fries.’ The girl at the counter said, ‘Would you like some fries with that?’ — Jay Leno

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