Bordeaux: Release the Wines

20151001-bordeaux-wines Each fall, around the end of September or early October, marks the annual Bordeaux release at most BC Liquor Stores (particularly Signature BC Liquor Store locations).
It is a month-long event showcasing wines from the French region of Bordeaux and from a particular vintage. Bordeaux releases a vintage (year the grapes were grown) globally 3 years after the vintage. 2014 saw the release of the 2011 Bordeaux.

This period is a treat for Bordeaux lovers. BC Liquor Stores will carry an large collection of Bordeaux wines, with a majority being special order stock and in limited supply. You’ll find thousands of cases, including many prominent Bordeaux wines. For some labels, there are restrictions on the number of bottles that can be purchased. — Even though this event has the spotlight on Bordeaux wines, you may find a few gorgeously golden Sauternes in the mix.

Whole Foods has a similar event, but on a much smaller scale. In 2011, it was able to secure a limited supply of Bordeaux wines, offering an early taste of the 2009 Bordeaux vintage [1].

“My book club only reads wine labels.” — Unknown

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