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condiments-01 One of the hardest things about moving from the food mecca of Vancouver, BC was leaving its vibrant food and restaurant scene. Although it has taken awhile to find our restaurant favourites in the Bay Area, the gastronomic journey of exploring random restaurants in passing by, trying a friend’s recommendation, checking out restaurants from review website searches like Yelp, and to reserving at local gastronomy magazine suggestions has been a feast. A few disastrous episodes balanced by a truly yummy gems. Bon Appétit!

Canada Silicon Valley (U.S.A.)

Edible Vancouver
Edible Canada
Vancouver Magazine *
Edible Silicon Valley
Edible Westside
San Francisco Magazine **

The Edible publication is often a complimentary magazine found at fine grocers or kitchenware shops like Whole Foods Market and Gourmet Warehouse in Canada, and Whole Foods Market and New Leaf Community Market in Silicon Valley. However, Bacchus seems to be limited to the Mayfield Bakery & Cafe in Palo Alto, CA.

* April sees Vancouver Magazine’s annual Vancouver Restaurant Awards. Restaurant winners are ranked in 50 categories – like Best New Restaurant of the Year, Best Korean, Best Pizzeria. The complete list of Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards 2015 Gold Winners.

** At the end of July, San Francisco Magazine puts out their annual “Where to Eat Now” issue on newsstands. You’ll find articles on the latest trending restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area plus winners for the Best Chef, Best Restaurateur, Best Pastry Chef to Best Booze Curator. Check out the past 2013 “Where to Eat Now” issue and 2014 “Best of the Bay” issue.

After reading these foodie issues, you’ll no doubt have a list of eats (and drinks) you’ll be looking to try.

— — —
“People who love to eat are always the best people.” — Julia Child

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