Finger Shopping

20150615-flower 2 Prior to living in the U.S., I knew that online shopping in Canada was incomparable to the States. When searching for wedding favours while wedding planning in Canada, I noticed many online retailers were based in the U.S. and only shipped within the U.S. Fortunately, I found a workaround.

Since I was living in Vancouver, BC at that time, I was able to use a receiving service in Point Roberts, WA as the shipping address when ordering from a U.S. online retailer, then drive across the Canadian-U.S. border to pick up my shipment. This extra effort was only worthwhile since I was ordering in bulk, was saving a significant amount, and the drive from Vancouver, BC to Point Roberts, WA was a relatively short distance away. I wouldn’t have done this otherwise, even for a cute sweater 😉

The shopping way of life in Canada mostly begins and ends with the mall. On the other hand, shopping in the States is a mix of online shopping and mall shopping. Online shopping for me is now an everyday affair. Whether I’m shopping for clothes or looking for home decorations, I turn to my computer first and browse the online selection. Depending on the product price, free shipping amount minimum, shipping charges, current online promotions and urgency for the item, I may come out of hibernation and leave the house for the mall 😉

These online-only retailers have a continuous rotation of merchandise, and diversity of merchandise categories like fashion, beauty, furniture, toys to kitchenware, luggage and electronics:
Canada Silicon Valley (U.S.A.)
Aeroplan Shop.CA
Google Shopping Express

If you know where to look and how to take advantage of online promotions, you can save money through online shopping. There are so many online websites to be found, but do exercise caution and read reviews as some may not be reputable, have poor delivery rating, or restrictive return policies. What are some of your favourite online shopping sites?

“I love shopping for things online, because when they arrive,
it’s like a present to me … from me.” — Unknown

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