Craving Korean Cuisine


I crave Korean cuisine every so often – from the delicious sweet grilled taste of Korean barbecue short ribs (galbi), piping hot tofu stew in stone bowls (soondubu jjigae) to the chewiness of stir fried glass noodles (japchae), crisp seafood pancakes (hemul pajeon) and Korean “sushi” rolls (gimbap). Don’t forget the delightful starter side dishes too!

Kim chi is a standard starter side dish. Other common starters include:
  •   Gamjajorim (potato and soy sauce)
  •   Dong Chimi (vinegar white radish summer kim chi)
  •   Oi muchim (seasoned cucumbers)
  •   Sukju namul muchim (seasoned mung bean sprouts)
  •   Sigeumchi namul (spinach)
  •   Bul-Go-Gi House (Edmonton, AB)
  •   H-Mart (Vancouver, BC)
  •   Jang Mo Jib (Greater Vancouver Area)
  •   Hanwoori Korean Restaurant (Burnaby, BC)
Silicon Valley (U.S.A.)
  •   99 Chicken (Santa Clara, CA)
  •   BonChon Chicken (Sunnyvale, CA)
  •   Galleria Plaza (Santa Clara, CA)
  •   HanKook Supermarket (Sunnyvale, CA)
  •   Kong Tofu House (Cupertino, CA)
  •   Kunjip (Santa Clara, CA) – specializes in Korean noodle soups like galbi tang
  •   Jang Su Jang (Santa Clara, CA)
  •   SGD Tofu House (Santa Clara, CA)
  •   Super Kyo-Po Plaza (Santa Clara, CA)
  •   To Bang (Santa Clara, CA)

Food is our common ground, a universal experience. — James Beard

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