Uniqlo: Japanese Fashion Retailer

20150315-uniqlo-01 I was first introduced to Japanese fashion giant Uniqlo during my first visit to Tokyo some years back. For me, Uniqlo is the Japanese equivalent of America’s GAP with sizing that leans towards the petite side. Both equally colourful, trendy, affordable and fashion wearable.

20150315-uniqlo-02 GAP grew its roots in Silicon Valley and opened their first store in San Francisco, CA in 1969, followed by their second store in San Jose, CA in 1970 and has since expanded internationally with stores worldwide. Uniqlo, born from its original name Unique Clothing Warehouse, launched their first urban store in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district back in 1998. Since 2005, Uniqlo has been increasingly expanding internationally with its West Coast flagship store opening in the heart of San Francisco’s Union Square district in late 2012. Last year marked the opening of its second North American West Coast store in San Jose’s Valley Fair shopping mall. In the new year (January 2015), Uniqlo announced that they would be opening two stores based in Toronto, ON, Canada in 2016.

This is great news for Uniqlo fans! Even if a store isn’t in your immediate vicinity, at least this means being able to shop online and get Uniqlo delivered to your door if you live in Canada or the United States.

My Uniqlo favorites:
  •   Airism – inner wear that keeps you cool in the warm months
  •   Heat Tech – inner wear that keeps you warm in the cold months
  •   SPRZ NY – graphic tees designed by artists, rarely the same lineup of artists and only limited quantities are produced
… What are yours?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe

— — —
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