Tasting Europe, One Butter at a Time

20150301-butter-01 I had a similar moment like the young lady’s reaction at seeing ROYCE’ chocolates in my previous post. I jumped with joy at seeing Celles sur Belle butter on a shelf at Whole Foods.

When planning for our trip to France several years ago, I came upon an article on things to buy in France. Butter was one of the not to miss items. We discovered amazing butters in local neighbourhood markets – natural, organic butters, butters salted with fleur de sel salt flakes, butters made from various French regions, and to butters with pieces naturally salty seaweed/kelp. Creamy, golden, buttery goodness. One such French butter brands we tried was Sèvre et Belle. And, it is now available at Whole Foods!

Whole Foods recently started carrying a few European butter brands:
  •   Sèvre et Belle butter from the French region of Celles sur Belle ($4.99 USD for 9 oz., product of France)
  •   Delitia Butter of Parma ($6.49 USD for 8 oz., product of Italy)

Enjoy a taste of France! Bring home a taste of Italia!

“With enough butter, anything is good.” — Julia Child

— — —
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