Goliath & Goliath: Amazon vs Google Shopping Express


Amazon went online in 1995. Several years later in 2007, Amazon’s online grocery store AmazonFresh launched in Seattle. Recently, spring 2013 saw the launch of Google Shopping Express in Northern California. A few months following, in December 2013, AmazonFresh expanded into Northern California. At first glance, these big online grocery delivery service providers look alike, but after using their services, here’s how they differ:

AmazonFresh versus Google Shopping Express
  •   $99 USD/year
  •   30-day FREE trial
  •   Shared membership with a household member.
Google Shopping Express
  •   $95 USD/year or $10 USD/month (pay-per-use available)
  •   3-month FREE trial
  •   Shared membership with a household member.
DELIVERY AmazonFresh
  •   Greater Seattle area, some Northern California and Southern California areas and New York
  •   AmazonFresh items are made within the delivery window you specified at the time of your order, e.g. 8-10 am, 1-5 pm. Preference on a delivery window cannot be made with Amazon packages.
  •   AmazonFresh items are transported in bright apple-green AmazonFresh vans. Amazon deliveries of are made by USPS, UPS or FedEx where tracking is available.
Google Shopping Express
  •   San Francisco, Peninsula & San Jose, West Los Angeles, Manhattan, Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC
  •   Deliveries are made within the delivery window you specified at the time of your order, e.g. 8-10 am, 1-5 pm.
  •   Packages are transported in small white Google Shopping Express vans. Delivery personnel wear grey Google Shopping Express polo uniforms.
  •   To keep fresh produce and frozen items at their proper temperatures during transport, deliveries are packed with frozen gel packs and placed inside reusable styrofoam insulated coolers, then bagged into a bright apple-green AmazonFresh reusable tote bag.
  •   Tote bags and insulated coolers are reusable, and can be picked up by AmazonFresh drivers at the time of your next delivery.
Google Shopping Express
  •   Products come in white recyclable paper shopping bags with Google Shopping Express’ signature hot air balloon logo.
SHIPPING AmazonFresh
  •   FREE same-day or early morning delivery on AmazonFresh orders over $35. FREE 2-day shipping on Amazon Prime products with Amazon Prime membership. Additional shipping fees may apply for non-Prime products.
Google Shopping Express
  •   FREE same-day or overnight delivery on eligible orders over $15. A fee of $3 per order applies to orders under $15. Overnight delivery is currently available only in Google’s Northern California delivery area.
RETURNS AmazonFresh
  •   Refer to AmazonFresh return policies and Amazon return policies.
Google Shopping Express
  •   Refer to Google Shopping Express return policies.
PRODUCTS AmazonFresh
  •   Deliveries of electronics, books to household products are made through Amazon, whereas grocery deliveries are made through AmazonFresh.
  •   AmazonFresh has partnerships with local boutique markets and restaurants. Individual retailers from manufacturers to mom-and-pop stores can post items on Amazon to sell, which adds to the plethora of products available for online purchase.
Google Shopping Express
  •   Provides delivery of regular household products and groceries.
  •   Partnerships with franchises like Whole Foods, Costco, Target, Ulta, etc.
  •   Watch unlimited movies and TV shows available on Prime Instant Video
  •   Unlimited music streaming
  •   Free unlimited photo storage
  •   Shop Amazon Lightning Deals and MyHabit.com
  •   Access to over 500,000 free ebooks from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library
Google Shopping Express
  •   N/A

Online grocery delivery services may be the future in providing us the convenience of grocery shopping. Despite being in the heart of this grocery shopping shift, I’m not entirely converted yet. I still enjoy going to the supermarket and picking veggies and fruits, and being able to mix the ripeness of my fruits – like picking a couple slightly raw bananas for making banana chips, and picking a few ripened ones to eat immediately or bake in a banana bread. Will there be such customized grocery shopping services available next?

However, Google Shopping Express has certainly spoiled me in avoiding the crowds at Costco and the tediousness of lifting heavy and bulky packages. Still, depending on the monthly Costco specials, there have been cases where a trip to Costco was worthwhile.

Advertised store specials may only be recognized in-store and directly from the store website, but not on Google Shopping Express. For instance, Costco’s monthly special had $7 off an 8-pack of Scotch packaging tape, a sale that was only available in-store ($23.49). On the other hand, Costco.com advertised the item for $29.99 including shipping and Google Shopping Express sold the same item for $26.49. A visit to Costco was the better bet.
(Note: A Costco membership is still required to shop for Costco products on Google Shopping Express.)

So, are you an Amazonian shopper, Googler shopper or both?

“600 shopping carts in the grocery store and I keep picking the one with the front wheel that likes to pirouette like a ballerina on speed.” — Source: Some Ecards

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