Chocolate Jewels

20151215-choolate-gems-01 A friend recently surprised me with the cutest box of chocolates from MarieBelle New York in the mail. Two artfully decorated chocolates came in a beautiful box shaped like a shopping bag, with cute rope handles and all. Once opened, two chocolates appear – one on each half of the tiny 2.5 inch tall box. MarieBelle – delicious chocolates and gorgeously creative packaging!

20141215-chocolate-gems-02 This surprise package reminded me of the chocolate boutiques I’ve visited and how their glass cases glistened with chocolate jewels beckoning to be eaten. I wouldn’t consider myself a chocolate lover, but I do love visiting fine chocolate boutiques to browse the edible gems and, of course, leaving with a taste of a chocolate or two.

Shops that will be feasts for your eyes and stomachs:
  •   Daniel Chocolates (Vancouver, BC)
  •   Levni Chocolate (Vancouver, BC)
  •   Mink Chocolates (Vancouver, BC)
  •   Suite 88 Chocolatier (Montréal, QC)
  •   Thomas Haas (Vancouver, BC)
  •   Wild Sweets (Richmond, BC)
Silicon Valley (U.S.A.)
  •   CocoaBella (San Jose, CA)
  •   Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland (San Francisco, CA)
  •   TCHO (San Francisco, CA)
  •   MarieBelle New York (Manhattan, NY)

While you’re in the neighbourhood of Noe Valley in San Francisco, CA, a visit to the shop “Chocolate Covered” is a must! The shop entrance is easy to miss, so keep your eyes out for its blue door and chocolate brown/white sign, and its display of small tin boxes in the window. Once you step into the small, narrow store, whimsy takes hold. Adults and kids alike will enjoy this store. I found myself darting here and there just browsing at the massive offering of chocolates to the right and the collection of custom tin boxes to the left.

20150115-chocolate-02 Chocolate Covered carries chocolates from all around the world, chocolates of traditional flavour notes and unique taste combinations (e.g. chocolate covered bacon) too. I would equate it to visiting Ollivanders Wand Shop in the movie Harry Potter, but for chocolates instead of magic wands. The majority of chocolates sold at Chocolate Covered is in bar form, which makes for easy sharing and trying of different flavours. The hardest part about shopping at Chocolate Covered is deciding what chocolates to buy without wishing you could walk out with one of each chocolate bar.

“A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.” — Unknown

— — —
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