Budget Supermarkets

supermarkets-budget As there are discount department stores like Walmart, there are discount supermarkets to grocery markets too.

Some chain budget grocery markets commonly found in Canada and Silicon Valley:
  •   FreshCo
  •   Loblaws Supermarket
  •   Superstore
  •   PriceSmart Foods (Greater Vancouver Area, BC)
  •   Walmart Neighborhood Market
Silicon Valley (U.S.A.)
  •   Big Lots
  •   FoodMaxx
  •   Fresco (San Jose, CA)
  •   Grocery Outlet
  •   Lucky Supermarkets
  •   Save Mart Supermarkets (Santa Clara, CA and San Jose, CA)
  •   Smart & Final
  •   Target Grocery
  •   Walmart Neighborhood Market (San Jose, CA)

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” — Benjamin Franklin

— — —
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