Flowers are for Everyday

62-florists Valentine’s Day is always one of the year’s top grossing days for florists.

Flowers shouldn’t be limited to Valentine’s day. Flowers really make beautiful “any day” surprises.

Some of my favourite flower shops:
Edmonton, AB   •   Enjoy Center
  •   Flowers By Merle
Vancouver, BC   •   Flower Factory (Vancouver, BC)
  •   Granville Island Florist (Vancouver, BC)
  •   Passion Floral (Burnaby, BC)
Seattle, WA   •   Pike Place Market Florists
Silicon Valley, CA   •   Farmgirl Flowers (San Francisco, CA)
  •   Local florist vendors at the Farmers’ Markets

DeBeers says “diamonds are forever”. I say, “flowers are for everyday” 😉

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ♥

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