Chinese Supermarkets

49-supermarkets-chinese During the first few months of relocating to Silicon Valley, I missed family and friends back in Vancouver, BC. A close second of what I missed was the Chinese cuisine readily found in the Greater Vancouver Area – from Richmond (also known as, little Hong Kong), Vancouver, Burnaby and to New Westminster, BC. I continue to miss the ease, convenience, authenticity, taste, abundance and regional variety of Chinese restaurants back in Vancouver, so whenever we get a chance to visit, I’m always eager to “catch up” on my Chinese food adventures during my stay. To tie me over between these feasting trips, I have learnt to cook some of my favourite traditional Chinese dishes and found most of the ingredients at local Chinese markets.

Some Chinese markets I frequented in the Greater Vancouver Area, BC, Canada:
  •   T & T Supermarket (numerous locations in Canada)
  •   Markets on the lower level of Crystal Mall (Burnaby, BC)
  •   Price Smart Foods – Ackroyd location (Richmond, BC)
  •   Richmond Public Market (Richmond, BC)

Some Chinese supermarkets in Silicon Valley:
  •   Ranch 99 Market (Cupertino and Mountain View, CA)
  •   Marina Food Market (Cupertino, Fremont and San Mateo, CA)
  •   You’ll find a variety of fresh Chinese produce at many of the local Farmers’ Markets too – e.g. daikon radish, Chinese cabbage or bok choy, winter melon, and to Chinese bitter melon.
  •   Occasionally Whole Foods Market carries Chinese produce like Chinese cabbage/bok choy to Chinese okra.

To making your favourite traditional home-style dishes!

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