J-Cloths, where are you?

46-jcloths-01 Paper towels are great for cleaning up messy bits, but we all like to do our part (however, big or small) to reduce and reuse by using less wasteful alternatives.

At major Canadian retailers, reusable cleaning cloths are fast to locate in the cleaning supplies aisle by looking for the easily identifiable J-Cloths hexagonal box, its large, white “J” logo, and by its blue/white-stripped cloths. Reusable cleaning wipes are a bit trickier to find in Silicon Valley if you’re accustomed to searching the store aisles for J-Cloths.


Some brands carried in North American stores that make reusable cleaning cloths and wipes similar to J-Cloths:
  •   3M
  •   Clorox
  •   Johnson & Johnson (makes J-Cloths)
  •   Kwik Kloth
  •   Scotch-Brite
  •   Vileda

Some search terms to help with finding reusable kitchen cloths like J-Cloths:
  •   high performance cloths
  •   kitchen cloths
  •   kitchen wipes
  •   multi-purpose wipes
  •   reusable cleaning cloths
  •   reusable cleaning wipes
  •   reusable handy wipes

To the 3 R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle.

3 responses to “J-Cloths, where are you?

  1. I LOVE this post!!! Thanks to you I finally found my beloved “j-cloths” at both Target and Walmart here!!! My dishes are happy again.

    • J-cloths or …. Made in China cr..p that disintegrate on the second use? The copycats fool people by using the same color and packaging. Who will sue the ‘importers’ in the US and naturally, Chanada?

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