Sweet Tooth

30-sweet_tooth After a long week, a sweet reward is always warranted – whether it’s finishing a meal on a fine dessert note, or catching up with friends over coffee and cake at a bakery or dessert house. Whatever it is, we’ve all craved a sweet break to just enjoy and relax.


Here are some eateries where you will be pampered with a sweet treat:

Vancouver, BC, Canada Ganache Patisserie – Be sure to try their blanc fraisier cake. If you haven’t had a French macaron from France’s Ladurée (who are regarded as making the best macarons), you’ll find a very close second here 🙂
Sweet Revenge – We’ve enjoyed all of their dessert items. To name a few favourites – white chocolate cheesecake, zuccotto (no, it’s not a zucchini cake), berry trifle, tiramisu, warm pear bread pudding … I could go on 😉
Thomas Haas – A nice getaway for fine chocolate decadence.
COBS Bread
Richmond, BC, Canada Beard Papa – Not your typical cream puff, rather, a custard puff. Messy to eat but the yumminess is worth it.
Yavis Club – They offer two styles of cheesecake – glacier and mousse. The glacier style is a chilled cheesecake that has the texture/consistency of a hard ice cream cake, whereas the mousse cheesecake has a lighter note. Green tea and mango are my two favourites.
Happy Date Bakery & Restaurant – Their Hong Kong-style “wife” pastry (老婆餅) makes for a perfect breakfast pastry treat.
Edmonton, AB, Canada Duchess Bake Shop – A taste of European elegance in the heart of oil country.
Bon Ton Bakery – My go-to spot for pecan butter tarts!
COBS Bread
Silicon Valley, CA, USA La Patisserie (Cupertino, CA) – Enjoy a fresh fruit tart.
Kee Wah Bakery (Cupertino, CA) – Best Chinese rice crispy square that I have come across.
Beard Papa (Cupertino, CA)
Esther’s German Bakery (Los Altos, CA) – Hopefully you’ll get a chance to try Esther’s German donuts. Made on special days only.
Fleur de Cocoa (Los Gatos, CA)
J. Sweets in Mitsuwa Marketplace (San Jose, CA) – You’ll find a nice selection of Japanese mochi and desserts to take home and share.
Minamoto Kitchoan (San Francisco, CA) – Pick up some fine Japanese sweets and confections.
Las Vegas, NV, USA Jean Philippe Patisserie – Locations on each end of the Strip, at The ARIA and Bellagio. A perfect spot to stop after a day of shopping and casino.
New York City, NY, USA Roxy Delicatessen – Grab an almond horn cookie to go as you roam the streets of Times Square.

Wishing you a sweet weekend ahead!

[ UPDATE 13-Jun-2013 ] Unfortunately Bon Ton Bakery in Edmonton, AB, Canada no longer sells pecan butter tarts. I’ve been well informed that COBS Bread also makes delightful pecan butter tarts. COBS Bread has wonderful house made breads and a cute selection of baked goods.

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