Coyote Valley Family Farm Feast

26-coyote_valley This afternoon, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority (OSA) hosted the “Coyote Valley Family Farm Feast” in their beautiful 348-acre Coyote Valley open space preserve in Morgan Hill, CA.  A special event in celebration of OSA’s 20th anniversary, the vital role that farmers/ranchers play in sustaining communities, and an opportunity to showcase healthy, seasonal dishes prepared by local chefs with fresh ingredients from local famers and producers.

The purpose of OSA is to preserve key portions of the natural environment in order to balance continuing urban growth within the Santa Clara County (cities of Milpitas, Santa Clara, Campbell, San Jose and Morgan Hill, CA) through strategic land acquisitions, and active environmental and conservational public education.

I had the fortune of coming across OSA several months ago through Meetup. Since then, I have attended a few hikes organized by OSA and guided by volunteer OSA members.

  • Rancho Cañada del Oro, San Jose, CA
  • Coyote Ridge, Morgan Hill, CA

Each of the hikes have been amazing experiences – from seeing the natural and original beauty of the Silicon Valley landscape, to getting educated about the native California plants, impact of nano-climates, and cautions of local hiking elements like mountain lions, tarantulas and ticks. After every hike, I learn something new.  I now look at wildflowers and the local terrain with a different and thoughtful mind.

Hope you’ll have the opportunity of attending an OSA event, or something similar in your community too.

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