Hockey Night in Canada

Thanks to subscribing to NHL GameCentre Live, we aren’t missing hockey night in Canada! Well, almost. NHL GameCentre Live imposes blackouts on local games though. No matter, these hockey games have been the perfect excuse to head out for wings, burgers and beer at the nearest sports bar 😉

NHL GameCentre Live works on Xbox, PS3, AppleTV, PC, tablet/iPad, and some flat-screen TVs that support Internet streaming services like Netflix, hulu and vudu.

For Canada versus US hockey games, you have a choice on watching it broadcasted from a Canadian network (e.g. CBC) or a US network (e.g. CNBC). A nice option. The usability differs between platforms, so if you have a choice in NHL GameCentre Live streaming devices, try it out on each device to see which interface you like the most.

This service has allowed us to continue cheering on for our home team, the Edmonton Oilers. Go Oilers!


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