Verify your Border Entry Stamp

Some months ago my TN was accidentally revoked.  Both my husband and I had TN visas. When returning back to the US from a weekend trip to Canada, we presented all of our passport and US immigration documentation to the US Cross Border and Protection (CBP) guard. My husband indicated that we were returning to the US to work and live. The US CBP guard stamped our passports, and we proceeded to airport security. Later, we noticed that the CBP guard marked a “TN” US entry stamp in my husband’s passport, but marked a “TD” stamp in mine instead.

At this point, I thought nothing about the stamp since I was already approved for a TN visa. Unfortunately, the “TD” US entry stamp actually revoked my TN status and modified it to a TD. It took a week of appointments at various US government centres to get my TD status changed back to TN, and reverse the incorrect TD US entry stamp. Until my status was corrected, I was not eligible to work.

Lessons learnt:

  • Once you receive your stamped documentation from the US CBP officer, review your documents and stamps carefully before leaving the US customs/border area to ensure nothing is missing, there are no misspellings and all stamps are in order. Should anything need correction, inquire the CBP officer immediately to get it reviewed and corrected on the spot.  Getting the changes made later will be more timely and complicated.
  • In most cases, one spouse has a work visa and the other does not. If both spouses have work visas, it may be better to represent yourselves individually to the US CBP officer. This ensures that he/she is aware of each of your work statuses.

Double check.  Triple check.  All the best!

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