Farmers’ Markets

21-farmers_marketVisiting the Farmer’s Market in Mountain View, California on Sunday mornings is always a treat. There is at least one farmer’s market open each day of the week in the South Bay area. Friday brings a farmers’ market to Cupertino’s Vallco Mall on Wolfe Road. From 9:00am – 1:00pm on Sundays, Mountain View’s farmers’ market operates in the Caltrain parking lot. Mountain View has one of the largest farmers’ markets in North America. Visit the California Farmers’ Market Association for a list of farmers’ market locations and operating hours.

At the South Bay farmers’ markets, you’ll find fresh, seasonal and local produce. Some organically grown. There may be a handful of stalls with vendors selling artisan breads, cheese, sausages, baked goods or preserves. Bouquets of fresh flowers are in abundance. There is more variety of produce at the farmers’ market than your average grocery store. We’ve seen the citrus fruit Buddha’s Hand and an assortment of cauliflowers – from the common white cauliflower, green “broccoflower” cauliflower, purple cauliflower, orange cauliflower to the Romanesco broccoli.

The temperate South Bay weather allows for daily farmers’ markets. In Canada, however, there are only a few to several months in the year with weather that permits setting up a farmers’ market. Vancouver’s farmers’ markets start in May, with most opening in June until October. See the Vancouver Farmers Market website for more information.

Before you leave for the South Bay farmers’ markets, bring reusable shopping bags and cash.

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