Craving for chocolate?

Every once in awhile, I crave for Purdy’s chocolate covered marshmallows. Purdy’s Chocolates are only available in Canada, but luckily I’ve been able to find an equally yummy replacement in the US to satisfy these cravings: Ghirardelli’s caramel-filled dark chocolate and See’s Candies‘ scotch marshmallow.

Purdy’s locations are in most large shopping malls across Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, Canada. Their chocolates come in a signature purple box with the Purdy’s name printed in gold. The Purdy’s hedgehog chocolate is a popular favourite, so are their ice cream bars. Deliciously yummy vanilla ice cream bars are hand-dipped in chocolate – twice – and finished with a sprinkling of peanuts for added crunch. Every ice cream bar is made to order.

There are many Ghirardelli locations around California, with a couple in a few other states. Their products are also available at many large retailers like World Market. For an icy treat, visit one of their Ghirardelli ice cream shops. Ghirardelli’s chocolates come in a signature square in solid chocolate or flavour-filled with caramel, raspberry, mint, etc. that are individually wrapped in in gold foil.

The product variety and setting at See’s Candies is similar to Purdy’s. Both offer chocolate assortments in pre-packaged gift boxes, or can be individually purchased. In addition to chocolates, See’s Candies also has peanut brittle and hard candies/hard candy lollipops. Their boxes come in signature white wrapping.

Have a SWEET day!

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