US-Canada Cross-Border Resources

When preparing for our move, we were lucky to come across “The Border Guide” by Robert Keats. This book was a great starting point in getting us to think about the financial planning and implications to moving across the border – for instance, what do I do with my Canadian RRSPs, can I contribute to the United States 401(k) plans, etc. The content is packed with interesting tidbits and case examples for preliminary planning in both short-term and long-term US-Canadian cross-border moves. An easy read despite the technical nature of the topic.  Keep in mind, however, that a fair portion of the examples is catered towards professionals about to retire, retirees or snowbirds.

The Border Guide by Robert Keats (, ISBN-10: 1551808552)

The book also has an open and free forum where individuals can pose general tax/immigration questions – The Border Guide Forum ( Reading through the tax and immigration forum threads was most useful too. I have raised a couple questions on the forum, and received useful answers within a short few days. Friends who we’ve recommended this book to have equally found it insightful. Hope you’ll find this recommendation useful too.

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